Firth on Firth

© Husmann / Sperschneider / Loizos
49 minutes / Colour /B&W / 1993
Directed by
Rolf Husmann Peter Loizos Werner Sperscheinder

Country of production Germany United Kingdom

In a series of interviews in his London home and the London School of Economics, Sir Raymond Firth talks about his life and some of his personal views. The film focuses thus on his Maori studies, Social Anthropology under Malinowski at the LSE, Firth's fieldwork in Tikopia and, in an interview together with his wife, Lady Rosemary, their common fieldwork in Malaya. A number of unique black-and-white photographs taken by Firth himself also are used as illustrations.

Language and subtitles English (no subtitles)

Region British-Irish Isles

Country United Kingdom

Keywords History of Anthropology Public Figure