Black Mountain


2008 / 84 minutes

Directed by
Charlotte Whitby-Coles Amin Hajee
Country of production
United Kingdom India

A once unremarkable site of multi-faith pilgrimage to a Sufi Saint has been transformed and its local history rewritten - the film documents the journey of Charlotte, a student undertaking her PhD research in India, who, whilst researching religious pilgrimages, stumbles upon the politicisation of a pilgrimage site in western India. The research suggests that the pilgrimage site of Kalo Dungar or Black Mountain, situated in the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, provides a micro-example of current political issues in India today, where by the ‘unity in diversity’ of the country is slowly being broken-down destroying any hope of communal peace.

Language and subtitles
Hindi, Gujarati and English with English Subtitles
South Asia
Religion / Belief / Faith Tourism / Travel / Pilgrimage Inter-religious relations