Cakchiquel Maya of San Antonio Palopó

52 minutes / Colour / 1987
Directed by
Bruce MacDonald

Anthropologist Tracy Bachrach Ehlers

Country of production United Kingdom

Series Disappearing World Series

The documentary shows how Cakchiquel Maya of a village on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala adapted to changes that took place in the decades before the film was made, when the lake became a favoured spot for holiday homes, and the village was filled with streams of tourists. While the filmmakers were officially welcomed and given permission to film, in practice many people hid their faces and did not co-operate. Some even threw stones at the camera crew. The film team tried to find an explanation of the Maya hostility to the camera.

Language and subtitles English with English Subtitles

Region Central America

Country Guatemala

Keywords Tourism / Travel / Pilgrimage Indigenous peoples / First Nations peoples