Counterpoint Botswana

© Werbner
45 minutes / Colour / 2011
Directed by
Richard Werbner

Country of production United Kingdom

Series The Well-Being Quest in Botswana

Seeing 'Holy Hustler', the 2009 film made in Botswana, local viewers respond and discuss it with the filmmaker Richard Werbner in 2011. 'Counterpoint Botswana' captures the reception by home audience. Widely shared are moments evoking laughter, shock and remarkably intense, thoughtful reflection. 'Holy Hustlers' is moving, local viewers agree. But while welcoming that - it is seen to be a documentary that appeals to people in Botswana - they disagree, when asked about the reasons for their responses; and they argue about characters, scenes and the very nature of representation in 'Holy Hustlers'. The screenings elicit contradictory interpretations. These are expressed by some subjects of the film, by University of Botswana staff, students and the invited public, and by activists of two youth organisations, YOHO (Youth Health Organisation) and YIAS (Youth in Action Society).

Language and subtitles English with English Subtitles

Region British-Irish Isles

Country United Kingdom

Keywords Reflexivity