© Calugareanu
32 minutes / Colour / 2008
Directed by
Ilinca Calugareanu


Country of production United Kingdom

Series Granada Center for Visual Anthropology Student Film

The film follows a day in the life of Cluj-Napoca, a city in Transylvania, focusing on the way the lives of the three main characters - Valer, an 85 year old retired colonel, Daria, an 89 year old retired Russian language teacher and Inocentiu, a 67 year old retired driver and ardent chess player - intertwine as the day evolves from sunrise to sunset. ‘Endgames’ is an exploration of memory, the experience of time and of old age, in the post- communist context of Romania.

Language and subtitles Romanian with English Subtitles

Region South-East Europe

Country Romania

Keywords Post-communism Elderly people Memory