Fatuma and Asya. Two Afar Girls in Ethiopia


2014 / 59 minutes

Directed by
Francesco Sincich
Country of production

Two young Afar girls, Fatuma (10) and Asya (13), show us their daily life in two different contexts of the Afar Region in Ethiopia. Both of them face hard challenges: finding an alternative way to the mandatory arranged marriage (absuma) without breaking the Afar tradition for Fatuma, and the conflict with the Somali Issa and the livestock’s and land’s theft for Asya. Both of them will find the solutions: Fatuma will marry her boyfriend and Asya’s family will recover the stolen cattle thanks to the fi’ma, the traditional Afar militia.

In the 2015 RAI Film Fest
Language and subtitles
Afar with English Subtitles
West Africa
Gender Role and Identity Marriage Children / Young people Rural