Hope, Despair and Laughter: A circus project in Palestine

© Hertog
27 minutes / Colour / 2007
Directed by
Ester Hertog

Country of production United Kingdom

Series Granada Center for Visual Anthropology Student Film

Filmed in Dheisheh refugee camp in the West bank, this film is about a circus summer-camp dedicated to bring laughter and hope for Palestinian children. Children are taught all sorts of activities such as juggling and uni-cycling, in a surrounding where the graffiti, monuments for martyrs, and the separation wall are constant reminders of the ongoing political confrontation. How is the conflict inserted into the children's everyday reality? How is it brought into the circus by 'real' events, speeches and symbolic group names? How does the circus project fit in with the children's hopes and despair?

Language and subtitles Arabic with English Subtitles

Region Middle and Near East

Country Palestine

Keywords Development projects Dance / Theatre / Performance Children / Young people