In and Out of Africa

© Barbash / Taylor
59 minutes / Colour / 1993
Directed by
Ilisa Barbash Lucien Taylor

Country of production United States

A classic in ethnographic filmmaking, In and Out of Africa traces the transnational trade of African Art between West Africa and the USA, providing an insight into how value, commoditization and authenticity are understood and created. The film follows a Nigerien trader, Gabai Baare, from the Ivory Coast to Long Island, USA, as he conducts his job, doing business with art collectors and translating the meaning of the 'bois' ('wood') he sells from one context to the other. Interviews with African traders and European and American collectors complement the narrative, while insights into the production of the art objects and the techniques used to create desired effects, are offered. An important film that can be used for teaching Art&Anthropology, African Art, Africana Studies, Economics.

Language and subtitles French with English Subtitles

Region North America

Country Ivory Coast United States

Keywords Art / Artists / Artisans Trade Material Culture