Keepers of the Faith: The Buddhist Nuns of Saigang Hills

© Kawanami
51 minutes / Colour / 1996
Directed by
Hiroko Kawanami

Country of production United Kingdom

In the Saigang Hills, 12 miles from the ancient capital of Mandalay are hundreds of pagodas, stupas, monasteries and nunneries which form a focal point of worship for Buddhism in Burma. In 1986 the filmmaker lived for 15 months as a nun in the Thameikdaw Gaung nunnery. Some years later she is coming back for a visit in order to see what has changed. This is an intimate insight into the daily live of a nunnery as well a portrait of the monastic economy and its interactions with the society.

Language and subtitles Original Version with English Subtitles

Region South-East Asia

Country Myanmar

Keywords Religion / Belief / Faith Collective / Community identity