Law and War in Rural Kenya

© Heald
64 minutes / Colour / 2010
Directed by
Suzette Heald

Country of production United Kingdom

In 1998, a new movement swept through Kuria, in south western Kenya with dramatic effect. Cattle raiding fuelled by the increasing presence of guns had led to a situation of total insecurity, with all in fear of the thieves. In April of that year, a group of men in just one location, Bukira East, effected a new organisation merging ideas from the Tanzanian vigilante movement, sungusungu, with their own indigenous assembly, the iritongo. Within a year the movement had spread throughout Kuria and the District as a whole was at peace.

Language and subtitles Original Version with English Subtitles

Region East Africa

Country Kenya

Keywords War / Conflict / Reconciliation Law and Legislation / Bureaucracy