Western Outposts – Faroese Cinematic Narratives 2014 140
  Directed by Ulla Boje Rasmussen .
WESTERN OUTPOSTS – Faroese Cinematic Narratives is a DVD box set containing newly digitised versions of Ulla Buje Rasmussen’s 1990s films about Faroese life, a 2015 epilogfilm and a 32 page booklet on cultural and social aspects of Faroese life. DVD 1 – 1700 Meters from the Future Ulla Boje Rasmussen portrays with humour and empathy life in the small Faroese village of Gásadalur, inhabited by just 16 adults and a 9-year old boy. The film gives a unique insight into the inhabitants living conditions. It portrays their expectations or a long-awaited tunnel through the fell – which cuts off the village from the ourside world as well as from the future. Film awards include "Best Nordic Documentary" (Nordic Panorama 1990, Norway). Presented in a new, digitised version with the epilogfilm, Not on a Friday (2015), depicting the tunnel breakthrough. DVD 2 – The Light on Mykines Island Ulla Boje Rasmussen’s at once historical and contemporary documentary from 1992 about the life and nature of the sparsely populated and spellbound island of Mykines. With outstanding footage she portrays the islander’s world, whose lives are shapesdby nature. Ecological and social factors threaten the fundamental structure of the minute community. PLUS 32 Page booklet: articles on cultural and social aspects of Faroese life (ENGLISH/DANISH) PLUS Bonus material of anthropological value, including photos of Gásadalur by Photographer Johan Elias Mikkelsen
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