1970 / 20 minutes

Directed by
David MacDougall Judith MacDougall
Country of production
Australia United States

This classic ethnographic documentary, by the renowned filmmaking team of David and Judith MacDougall, explores the nomadic life of the Jie of Uganda. During the dry season the Jie leave their homesteads in large numbers and take their cattle to temporary camps (nawi) in western Karamoja District, where water and grass are more abundant. The film shows the preparations for the 60-mile trip and scenes from the slow journey, including the herding and care of the cattle, bathing at the waterhole, resting under trees, and spending the evening within a thornbush kraal. Includes a number of Jie herdsboys' songs.

Language and subtitles
East Africa
Herding Music / Ethnomusicology Nomads and Nomadism