Tablas and Drum Machines: Afghan Music in California

© Baily
58 minutes / Colour / 2001
Directed by
John Baily

Country of production United Kingdom

Ethnomusicologist John Baily visits Fremont, California, the new home of the large community of exiled Afghans. He is joined by Kabuli master-musician, Ustad Asif Mahmoud, who plans to open a small private music school to teach traditional tabla drumming to young Afghans. However, Fremont is also a centre of musical innovation, with electronic keyboards and their built-in drum machines. In a series of in context performances we witness the co-existence of traditional and modern Afghan music and the dancing that goes with them both.

Language and subtitles Original Language with English Subtitles

Region North America

Country United States

Keywords Music / Ethnomusicology Education / Knowledge transmission Refugees / Displaced populations