Tempus de Baristas


1993 / 100 minutes

Directed by
David MacDougall
Country of production
Italy Australia

This film depicts the characters, and social dilemmas of three generations of Sardinian mountain shepherds. Although born roughly 20 years apart, Franchiscu (62), his son Pietro (17) and their friend Miminu (43) are united by ties of family, friendship and common experience. But increasingly these ties are being pulled apart by social and economic circumstance. The youngest, still a schoolboy, is likely to leave shepherding because he has more choices than the two older men have had. They have been committed to their way of life, but for one it has meant celibacy, and for the other, other kinds of hardships.The film makes clear aspects of the transformation of pastoral communities by the squeeze of falling prices for produce, coupled with the attraction of social mobility out of pastoralism via education, or the shorter hours of conventionally waged jobs.

Western Europe
Herding Social Change Family / Kinship Rural