The Bracewells

© Ravetz
49 minutes / Colour / 2000
Directed by
Amanda Ravetz


Country of production United Kingdom

Series Granada Center for Visual Anthropology Student Film

In the late 1990s, when BSE (also known as "Mad Cow Disease") was conclusively linked to the fatal brain disorder vCJD, a number of British farmers went out of business whilst others faced an uncertain future. But for the Bracewells, a hill-farming family renting a 160-acre holding in the Pennines, the crisis was one more reason to maintain links with the past. Watch as the two generations of the Bracewells run the farmland as well as the meat stall in the nearby market town of Todmorden.

Language and subtitles English with English Subtitles

Region British-Irish Isles

Country United Kingdom

Keywords Rural Agriculture / Farming Animals