The Golden Beach

© Wester
58 minutes / colour / 2008
Directed by
Hasse Wester

Country of production Sweden

A small group of farmers belonging to the Halakki Gowda tribe live near a small beach in a valley in southern India. When the Swedish film maker Hasse Wester was first there twenty years ago the farmers had little contact with the outside world. Hasse lived with the farmers for more than a year. He learned their language and developed a close friendship with a man called Maneshwara. Today life in the valley has changed drastically. There are plenty of cafes and hotels, and white tourists in bikinis are sunbathing on the beach. In the film we follow the farmers' encounter with the white tourists, and Hasse's friendship with Maneshwara over a period of twenty years.

Language and subtitles Original Version with English Subtitles

Region South Asia

Country India

Keywords Tourism / Travel / Pilgrimage Rural Social Change