The School and the Village


1992 / 50 minutes

Directed by
Heimo Lappalainen
Country of production
Taiga Nomads

Taiga Nomads is a film series about the Evenki (previously the Tungus), a nomadic people scattered all over eastern Siberia, and living under harsh conditions in the taiga ± an area predominated by coniferous/larch forests and swamp lands. This series gives a picture of everyday life, during the four seasons the film crew lived with the main characters, consisting of three generations of members of the Archemku family. The third part in the series looks at the children during their time away from home. Beginning from their second year, the reindeer herder children live away from their families from September to May each year. Asks what happens with their cultural identity in the assimilation process as they learn the Russian language and live in Russian villages.

Language and subtitles
Russian with English Subtitles
Central Asia and Far East
Russian Federation
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