Together as One

39 minutes / Colour / 2013
Directed by
Kilian Lamtur Tanlaka

Country of production Norway

Nso' is the biggest kingdom of the Western Grassfields and an ethnic group in the northeast corner of Cameroon’s northwest region. Its capital Kumbo is where the ruler (Fon) lives. The Nso' population counts Christians, Muslims and followers of "indigenous" religious beliefs. 'Together As One' shows the social use of the kola nut in Nso' society, what this natural resource can mean to people. The kola nut is an item around which the feeling, experience, sense and lived "reality" of belonging, togetherness, unity, friendship and peace is expressed. The kola nut thus plays an important role in bringing people together, irrespective of their religion, village, quarter or thoughts.

Region Central Africa

Country Cameroon

Keywords Archaeobotany / Ethnobotany Collective / Community identity Inter-religious relations