Yanomami: From Machetes to Mobile Phones


2012 / 58 minutes

Directed by
Cliff Orloff and Olga Shalygin
Country of production
United States

The Yanomami Indians are one of the last large relatively unacculturated indigenous groups remaining in the world. In November 2000 filmmakers Orloff and Shalygin documented the lives of a small group of Yanomami living along the banks of the Siapa River. Ten years later the filmmakers return to the same village to document the changes they observe. As the outside world encroaches into Yanomami land, the tension between these two worlds is revealed. The desire to retain Yanomami customs and traditions becomes difficult to reconcile with their attraction to the material goods available in the modern world.

Language and subtitles
Spanish English Yanomani
Location(s) depicted
South America
Indigenous peoples / First Nations peoples Material Culture Social Change