Ethnocine Collective is hosting a live works-in-progress feedback session at the RAI Film Festival 2021. The theme of the feedback session will be on anti-racist documentary filmmaking and select filmmakers will have a chance to get detailed feedback on different parts of their work as it relates to an anti-racist framework. 

Three successful applicants will be invited to present an outline of their project and screen a sample of up to 5 minutes from their current film project to an audience and receive guidance and advice from Ethnocine Collective members Elena Guzman and Miasarah Lai along with a live audience. 

The live feedback sessions will take place on SATURDAY 27 MARCH, 17:00 – 18:00 UTC and will be open to the selected participants and to the general public.

The live feedback session complements a pre-recorded workshop delivered by Elena Guzman and Miasarah Lai, which is part of the RAI Film Festival 2021 programme and is available to those with a festival pass, 19-28 March.