Archive of past editions

2019 film festival - The 16th RAI Film Festival was 27-30 March 2019 at the Watershed in Bristol (UK).… ... read more
15th RAI International Festival in Bristol - The 15th RAI FILM FESTIVAL anthropology / ethnography / archaeology  was held in Bristol from… ... read more
14th RAI Film Festival 2015 Watershed Cinema and University of Bristol - The 14th RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film was held in Bristol from Tuesday 16 to Friday 19 June 2015. It was hosted… ... read more
13th RAI Film Festival 2013 NMS and University of Edinburgh - The 13th RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film was jointly hosted by National Museums Scotland and STAR, the… ... read more
12th RAI Film Festival 2011 UCL, University of London - Around the World in 90 Films GO TO THE ARCHIVED WEBSITE ... read more
11th RAI Film Festival 2009 CTCC, Leeds Metropolitan University - The 11th RAI Festival was jointly hosted by the Centre for Tourism & Cultural Change… ... read more
10th RAI Film Festival 2007 GCVA, University of Manchester - The 10th RAI Festival and the associated Beyond Text? conference duly took place and were… ... read more
9th RAI Film Festival 2005 University of Oxford - LOOKING BACK, LOOKING FORWARD Oxford, UK, September 18th – 21st, 2005 The Royal Anthropological Institute… ... read more