Christian Suhr is a filmmaker, associate professor, and coordinator of the Eye & Mind MSc-Track of Visual Anthropology at Aarhus University. The coming five years he will as PI dedicate his time to the ERC-project: “Heart Openings: The Experience and Cultivation of Love in Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam”. His previous research has focused on invisible spirits, psychiatric illnesses, demonic and divine forces, and how film can be used to approach unseen dimensions of human life. He has explored these topics during fieldwork projects in Egypt, Papua New Guinea, and Denmark.

He is the author of the recent book Descending with angels: Islamic exorcism and psychiatry, a film monograph (Manchester University Press 2019, based on a feature length film of the same title. In addition he is the director of Unity through culture (with Ton Otto, DER 2011), Ngat is dead (with Ton Otto and Steffen Dalsgaard, DER 2009) and Want a camel, yes? (with Mette Bahnsen, Persona Film 2005). Suhr’s edited work includes Transcultural montage (Berghahn 2013), When the media sets the agenda (DJØF 2021) and the special journal issue Camera as cultural critique (Visual Anthropology 31.4 2018).