16th RAI Film Festival 2019 Conference

The 16th RAI Film Festival will take place 27-30 March 2019 at the Watershed in Bristol (UK). Alongside this, the Royal Anthropological Institute is pleased to stage an accompanying conference:

Expanding the Frame: Ethnographic Film and its Others

What is ethnographic film? Anthropologists have failed – or declined – to agree on what ethnographic film is or should be. It is a gloriously unstable category. Rather than being chained to the “classics” or a “canon”, visual anthropology always itself, undoes itself, and carves new approaches. We witness – and celebrate – this push for innovation in the films programme at the RAI Film Festival.

This conference brings together anthropologists, film scholars and practitioners to explore the boundaries of ethnographic film today, and explore which new paths it is forging. We will loo, at particular, in its productive relationships between anthropological filmmakers and their fellow travellers, including indigenous, diasporic, intercultural, African/black cinemas and experimental/art film. We’ll consider the relationship between ethnographic film and other filmmaking endeavours that are – or have the potential to be – constructive critical interlocutors. To what extent can ethnographic film practice creatively engage with other film traditions yet still retain its scholarly roots and aims? Does it need to?

Details of conference sessions can be found here.

All conference sessions are open to those with Day or Full Festival Passes. Passes are available to buy here.

Please direct any questions or queries to the RAI Film Officer: film@therai.org.uk