The RAI Film Catalogue – spring 2020 lists 14 new films that were added to our distribution catalogue in early 2020 and that are now available for teaching and for home viewing.

Most were selected and screened at the 16th RAI Film Festival in 2019, with many winning prizes, awards and commendations.

The selection includes films made using collaborative, participatory and creative research methodologies; films that use photography, animation, performance and fiction to explore current issues such as migration (Kalès, It Was Tomorrow) and the experience of living with HIV/AIDS (This is my Face, Atieno).

Special attention is given to films from and about South Asia, with 5 titles covering this geographical area. Indigenous filmmaking is also featured: Wàsi explores the (mis)representations that anthropologists can produce from the perspective of an Arhuaco filmmaker, and Horror in the Andes behind-the-scenes documentary that follows the process of making an indigenous horror movie in Peru.

Films are available on DVD and on-demand (VoD) on the RAI Player.