Film catalogue (of which ~500 titles for sale, expanding at 50pa)



The film catalogue page will have an intro text clarifying that films are for sale.  It will have a search function.  It will also have a browse function (by Title, Author, Geography, Keyword, Collections/Series, with an Alphabet to enable selection/jump).

There should be a Simple search across all fields that uses free text search, and an advanced search.  The Title and author searches would display lists of titles. The Geography or keyword searches would show results in brief (image, three lines of abstract) with potential to drill down further to the ‘Film details page’.

The film details page would show the title, author, image, synopsis, etc, and then two possible sales links, depending on whether they are ‘enabled’ (ticked) for the particular film.  All films in catalogue can be bought and rented, but not all have streaming.  The options are:

There would be potential to add ‘Which RAI festival’ a film was at, and which prizes it won, to the Film details page, later.

Through the use of tags or keywords, it should be possible to show similar films at the foot of the page.

There will be a comments section under the Film Festival films.