A Chair: in six parts

© Grimshaw
42 minutes / Colour / 2013
Directed by
Anna Grimshaw

Country of production United States

A poem about a chair. In 1960, Bill Coperthwaite bought 300 acres of wilderness in Machiasport, Maine. Influenced by the poetry of Emily Dickinson and by the back to the land movement of Scott and Helen Nearing, Bill Coperthwaite dedicated himself to what he called “a handmade life.”

Until his death in 2013, Bill Coperthwaite lived and worked in the forest. He was a builder of yurts, and a maker of spoons, bowls and chairs.

A Chair: in six parts, a meditation on time and process, explores the rhythm, movement and poetry of dwelling in the world.

Language and subtitles English (no subtitles)

Region North America

Country United States

Keywords Material Culture Alternative culture Art / Artists / Artisans