2010 / 14 minutes

Directed by
Michele Trentini
Country of production
Carnival King of Europe

In the heart of Ye Olde England, the first Monday after the Epiphany is still “Plough Monday”, with the ritual parading of a decorated plough and the Morris Dance.

This film is part of Carnival King of Europe DVD 4 SPEEDING THE PLOUGH. An old plough is the protagonist of the ancient masquerade in a number of European settings, where some explicit reference to ancient agrarian rituals is brought into play.

Films included in DVD 4: A Rite on the Run: the Blùmari of Benecija (10 minutes), One day in Lancova Vas (9 minutes), One day in Chelnik (13:30 minutes), A good day in Sharnford. God Speed the Plough! (14 minutes), Speeding the Plough in Stilfs (21:30 minutes), The Sacred Thresh (18 minutes).

Language and subtitles
English (no subtitles)
British-Irish Isles
United Kingdom
Festivals / Carnival Folklore