A Month in the Life of Ephtim D.

© Dontchev
56 minutes / Colour / 1999
Directed by
Antonii Dontchev

Anthropologist Asen Balikci

Country of production Bulgaria

Ephtim D., 73 years old, is a retired postman. He lives in Sofia with his wife Ghinka in a three room suburban apartment. As a socialist he feels confused by the ‘crazy’ democracy and the uncertainties of the transition period. The couple’s combined pensions amount to $66.00. Ephtim experiences constant difficulties in balancing the family budget. Free medical care and lunches at a subsidised canteen are essential to his survival strategy. This portrait of a Bulgarian pensioner is presented in the context of a global hopelessness and a clearly felt nostalgia for the communist past.

Language and subtitles English with English Subtitles

Location(s) depicted Sofia

Region South-East Europe

Country Bulgaria

Keywords Health / Health care / Healing Post-communism Socioeconomic conditions