2018 / 7 minutes

Directed by
Camilla Morelli Sophie Marsh
Country of production
Peru United Kingdom

A compilation of three animated films written, voiced and illustrated by the Matses people of the Amazon rainforest, on the Peru-Brazil frontier. Made in collaboration with an indigenous artist, a professional animator and an anthropologist, different generations of Matses chose aspects of their lives that they would like the world to know about; we hear of their skilful use of poisonous frogs, children’s perceptions of the dolphins, jaguars and boar that they share the forest with, and young adults’ experiences of moving to the city. These animations allow those who feel displaced, marginalised and underrepresented to tell their own stories, and become active agents of knowledge production.

In the 2019 RAI Film Fest Shorts
Language and subtitles
Matses English
Location(s) depicted
Amazonia, Peru

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