2012 / 90 minutes

Directed by
Kamar Ahmad Simon Sara Afreen
Country of production

By the coastal belts of Bangladesh, in a small village named Sutarkhali, Rakhi, 27, lives with her husband Soumen, 32, and their 6 year-old son Rahul. Fighting against all the odds of the woods, along with around a 100 families, they have cultivated the land for generations. On May 25, 2009 when Rahul was only 4 years old, a tidal surge hit the coastal belts of Bangladesh. For Rakhi, Soumen and Rahul, life is not the same anymore. ‘Are You Listening!’ is about Rakhi’s hope to ensure a dignified future for her son Rahul. It’s about her jobless husband Soumen’s frustration for failing to provide for his family, and about a community’s struggle to get back the land they have lost.

Language and subtitles
Bengali with English Subtitles
South Asia
Environment Disasters Refugees / Displaced populations Development projects