Between two Villages

© Jaquerod / Pereira
94 minutes / Colour / 2003
Directed by
Muriel Jaquerod Eduardo Saraiva Pereira

Country of production Switzerland Portugal

Between two Villages tells the story of Aldeia da Luz, population of 330, bound to disappear with the construction of the Alqueva dam in the south of Portugal. A new village is being built a few kilometres away as a compensation for the population. The film focuses on the daily life of Aldeia da Luz, with its strong rural tradition and its prospect of change. From the negotiations to the construction of the new houses, the film shows how the authorities and the population try to recreate the village identity. The situation of the village of Aldaia da Luz reflects a mutating society.

Language and subtitles Portuguese with English Subtitles

Location(s) depicted Aldeia da Luz

Region Western Mediterranean

Country Portugal

Keywords Resettlement Development projects Infrastructure / Transport