Beyond Life - Cooling and Cleansing, in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Cooling and Cleansing in the courtyard
25 minutes / Colour / 2018
Directed by
Frode Storaas Knut Chr. Myhre Myhre

Country of production Tanzania

On the rural slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, a young man takes his own life, leaving a wife and small children behind. On the third day after his burial, a ceremony is conducted to cool and cleanse the Homestead - ihora kaa. Such ceremonies are conducted for every Death to allow its inhabitants to resume their everyday lives. However, it requires particular care and attention in the case of a suicide. The brothers of the deceased had consulted and expert and taken notes to help them doing the ceremony in a proper way. The film follows the steps of the ceremony.

In the 2019 RAI Film Fest

Language and subtitles Chagga Swahili

Location(s) depicted Kilimanjaro