2015 / 26 minutes

Directed by
Michele Trentini
Country of production
Carnival King of Europe

In the German-speaking Bersntol (Val dei Mòcheni) in the Italian Alps, the Three Wise Men have left in their stead a robust choir of young men, parading the Star from farm to farm.

This film is part of Carnival King of Europe DVD 2 – CHRISTMAS AND THEREABOUTS IN THE ALPS. At the very heart of the winter rituals, Christmas time in the Alps harbours a host of traditional masquerades, from the Day of St. Nicholas to the Epiphany.

Films included in DVD 2: St. Nicholas’ Night in Val di Fassa (15 minutes), Caroling with the Star among the Bersntoler (26 minutes), Sweeping Evil Away in Rauris (8:30 minutes), The Great Epiphany of Wörth (13 minutes).

Language and subtitles
German with English Subtitles
Location(s) depicted
Val dei Mocheni
South-East Europe
Festivals / Carnival Folklore