Caught in Between

© Werbner
56 minutes / Colour / 2016
Directed by
Richard Werbner

Anthropologist Richard Werbner

Country of production United Kingdom

The focus is on a leading village elder, John Lelatlhego, a retired Human Resources administrator trained in settling disputes in the South African mines. John gets entangled in the long troubled affairs of a quarrelsome young couple, a stay-at-home farmer and his police constable, town-savvy wife. They claim to be still in love. But when the husband confesses to adultery - 'breaking the yard' in Tswana terms - and the wife decides to fight for her rights in court battles, John finds himself very awkwardly placed as their marriage broker.

The film was shot in Botswana’s Moremi village with its awesome landscapes, and against the background of the dramatic national patriotic celebration for Botswana’s 50th anniversary. Informed by the filmmaker’s rapport with villagers since 1972, the film is the work of a returning anthropologist and mainly about a home-comer’s predicament.

Language and subtitles Tswana with English Subtitles

Location(s) depicted Moremi

Region Southern Africa

Country Botswana

Keywords Family / Kinship Gender Role and Identity Law and Legislation / Bureaucracy Love Marriage