Confluences - Emerillon of French Guiana

© Møhl
78 minutes / Colour / 2007
Directed by
Perle Møhl

Country of production Denmark France

Like self-fulfilling prophecies, scientific reports have hitherto depicted the Emerillon of French Guiana as cultureless and doomed to disappear. With this film, an anthropologist proposes to defy these negative images, delving into their world with a lucid description of the down-to-earth and intersubjective conditions of anthropological fieldwork and knowledge-creation. Several Emerillon take up her proposition, and through their resourceful and often stumbling efforts to maintain a life in the forest while profiting from their French citizenship, they present another version of what being Emerillon is all about.

Language and subtitles French, Teko, English with English Subtitles

Region South America

Country French Guiana

Keywords Indigenous peoples / First Nations peoples Everyday Life