2001 / 52 minutes

Directed by
Beate Engelbrecht
Country of production

Santa Clara del Cobre, a village in Mexico’s province Michoacán, is well-known for its copperwork, a craft originating from pre-Spanish times. In the late 1940s the people of Santa Clara tried to find new possibilities for their copper production. Craft fairs and competitions gave new impetus to the work, and development organisations also became interested to implement projects. These activities caused the copper craft to flourish again. In 1991, a rough-cut of the film was shown to the craftsmen in Mexico. By then, the worldwide recession had left its traces in Santa Clara: some workshops had been closed. The craftsmen comment on their experiences and contemporary problems during and after the screening of the rough-cut. Their remarks have then become part of the final film.

Language and subtitles
Spanish with English Subtitles
Central America
Material Culture Labour Art / Artists / Artisans