Delhi at Eleven

© Shivare / Singh / Kashyap / Kumar
82 minutes / Colour / 2013
Directed by
Ravi Shivhare Anshu Singh Kumar Kashyap Shikha Kumar

Anthropologist David MacDougall

Country of production Australia

This film presents the work of four young filmmakers of New Delhi. From March to May 2012 they took part in a video workshop at the CIE Experimental Basic School, a government primary school. Each of the filmmakers was eleven years old. Their films offer a special perspective on Indian family and working life.This documentary about children filmmakers and urban India includes the following four films: Ravi’s film about a shop in his neighbourhood My Lovely General Store’ Anush’a film about the lives of girls: Why Not a Girl? Aniket’s film about his friends and family: My Funny Film Shika’s film about children in family life: Children at Home

Language and subtitles Hindi with English Subtitles

Region South Asia

Country India

Keywords Film / Photography / Mass media Children / Young people Education / Knowledge Transmission