2002 / 90 minutes

Directed by
János Tari
Country of production

The last orthodox synagogue in Makó was renewed and inaugurated in 2002. The little temple, as they call it, is more than hundred years old and represents the link between the Jews who emigrated from this town in the south-eastern part of Hungary. The various members of the community have built new lives elsewhere whilst holding on to the values of their cultural past. Scenes were shot on location in Israel, United Kingdom and the United States portraying the lives of the Jewish members of the ex community. The mood ranges from a poignant visit to the grave of the last Makó rabbi to a spirited traditional Chasidic wedding in Jerusalem; Hanukah in London, New York and Mako.

Language and subtitles
Hungarian with English Subtitles
Middle and Near East
Migration Religion / Belief / Faith

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