Divorce Iranian Style

© Longinotto
80 minutes / Colour / 1989
Directed by
Kim Longinotto

Anthropologist Ziba Mir-Hosseini

Country of production United Kingdom

This film is set in the Family Law Courts in central Tehran. The three main characters are Jamileh who punishes her husband for beating her, Ziba, a 16 year old girl who is trying to get a divorce from her 38 year old husband, and Maryam who is fighting for the custody of her daughters. The film moves away from portraying Iran as a country of war, hostages and Fatwas. It concentrates instead on ordinary women who come to this court to try and transform their lives.

Language and subtitles Persian with English Subtitles

Location(s) depicted Teheran

Region Middle and Near East

Country Iran

Keywords Marriage Gender Role and Identity Law and Legislation / Bureaucracy Family / Kinship