1989 / 60 minutes

Directed by
Kim Longinotto Claire Hunt
Country of production
United Kingdom

A compelling biography of Hanayagi Genshu, a feminist and dancer who spent her lifetime defying the conservative traditions of Japanese society with her radical politics and unconventional avant-garde performances. On stage, she dresses like a Geisha to point the restrictions of women’s bondage. “You mustn’t be eaten by the kimono” she explains in reference to the traditional Japanese dress that is supposed to constrain women’s movement. “You must eat the kimono.” The film attends Genshu on her daily routines such as dressing for performance, on-stage singing and dancing, interacting with friends and fans and offers an acute insight into an exceptional Japanese artist’s life

Language and subtitles
Japanese with English Subtitles
Central Asia and Far East
Public Figure Gender Role and Identity Art / Artists / Artisans Dance / Theatre / Performance Alternative culture

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