Even Asteroids Are Not Alone

17 minutes / Colour / 2018
Directed by
Jón Bjarki Magnússon

Country of production Iceland

Eve Online is a computer game in which players mine, trade and fight their way through computer-generated galaxies. Whilst computer game aficionados are often depicted as isolated, this game is deeply social: it is a "massive multiplayer game" that brings thousands of people together. Against the backdrop of the virtual gameworld, we hear the experiences of fourteen players from around the globe, told in their own voices. A warm testament to a community of trust forged in a virtual world far from our own.

This film is also available as part of the RAI Documentary Shorts Collection on RAI PLAYER: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/raishortscollection

In the 2019 RAI Film Fest

Language and subtitles English with English subtitles

Location(s) depicted Virtual reality

Keywords Internet