Fiddling away Carnival in Caffaro

© Trentini
12 minutes / 2017
Directed by
Michele Trentini

Anthropologist Giovanni Kezich

Country of production Italy

Series Carnival King of Europe

Bagolino and Ponte Caffaro host the largest surviving ensemble of folk violin in the Alps, which makes Carnival a leap back into the Renaissance roots of the violin itself.

This film is part of Carnival King of Europe DVD 6 - RITUAL ARMADAS. Often the masquerade is represented by an imaginary, colourful, rumbustious army, with a distinct martial allure of its own.

Films included in DVD 6: Coraggio coscritti: take heart, all new recruits! (25 minutes), One day in Agnita (10 minutes), Once upon a time in Val di Fiemme (Na vòlta n val de Fiemme) (23 minutes), Fiddling away Carnival in Caffaro (12:20 minutes), The Gilles of La Louvière and the Chinels of Fosses-la-Ville (9 minutes), We can be heroes just for (two) days. The Jannisaries of Naoussa (20 minutes).

Language and subtitles Italian with English Subtitles

Region South-East Europe

Country Italy

Keywords Folklore Festivals / Carnival