Fighting for Nothing to Happen

© Wildenauer
48 minutes / Colour / 2015
Directed by
Nora Wildenauer

Anthropologist Nora Wildenauer

Country of production Netherlands Indonesia

After the volcanic eruption of Mount Rokatenda, the people of the island of Pulau Palue in east Indonesia are to be relocated. But are the planned relocation and the "new" life at the neighbouring Pulau Besar really promising? This film accompanies Father Cyrillus, priest and employee of a Christian NGO, in his efforts to promote and drive forward the relocation project. A worried host community, unclear land rights at the relocation site, a corrupt and disorganized government in the district capital as well as impatient refugees in temporary shelters are challenging the protagonists in their attempts to make the best of the situation.

In the 2017 RAI Film Fest Student

Language and subtitles Bahasa, Indonesian, Sikka and Sara Lu'a with English Subtitles

Location(s) depicted Pulau Besar Pulau Palu'e Sikka District

Region South-East Asia

Country Indonesia

Keywords Law and Legislation / Bureaucracy Refugees / Displaced populations Development projects Disasters

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