2018 / 60 minutes

Directed by
R.A. Fedde
Country of production
United States

Five Faces of Shiva follows the rise and fall of the popularity of Hindu god lithographs, arguably India’s first mass media. Lithography — a printing technique which allowed for highly detailed and affordable copies of images — allowed people from all walks of life to own their own direct connection to the gods and goddesses they loved. From the complicated backdrop of British colonization which led to coded messages of rebellion hidden in the prints themselves, to rival presses outdoing one another to the point of ruin, to the dramatic mythological stories depicted in the images, the film explores their deep history and religious symbolism. Interviews and on-site experiences with collectors, historians, artists, and devotees help to shape our understanding of these astonishing images. Today, Indian contemporary artists still explore the resonance of these powerful images.

In the 2019 RAI Film Fest
Language and subtitles

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