Gandhi's Children

© MacDougall
185 minutes / Colour / 2008
Directed by
David MacDougall


Country of production Australia

A monolithic building on the outskirts of Delhi provides food and shelter for 350 boys. Some are orphans, some have been abandoned, others have run away from home. About half are held under a court order, having been picked up for petty crimes. Living at the institution for several months, MacDougall explores its routines and the varied experiences of several boys. Despite the harshness of their lives, many show remarkable strength of character, knowledge, and resilience. One day 181 child labourers arrive, placing additional strain on the building’s deteriorating facilities. The institution does what it can, but is it enough?

Language and subtitles Hindi with English Subtitles

Region South Asia

Country India

Keywords Children / Young people Squatter Settlements / Homelessness Socioeconomic conditions