Gods and Satans

© Journet / Nougarol / Chabanier
87 minutes / Colour / 2005
Directed by
Martine Journet Gérard Nougarol Gabriel Chabanier

Country of production France

Among the Wana people, semi nomads from the Indonesian (Sulawesi) forest, Indo Pino is a shaman recognized by everybody. Her nephew, who is also a shaman’s son, converted to Christianity some months ago and is now preaching the visions. And for him, if the visions come from God, the visions of the shamans inevitably must come from Satan. Through the Christian concepts of sin and original fault, good and evil notions are revised, The traditional healing practices of the shamans are heavily under attack. Under our eyes a fight between two worlds of religious conceptions is taking place.

Language and subtitles Original Version with English Subtitles

Location(s) depicted Sulawesi

Region South-East Asia

Country Indonesia

Keywords Religion / Belief / Faith Shamans and Shamanism Inter-religious relations