2018 / 90 minutes

Directed by
Janus Metz Sine Plambech
Country of production

In a small, wind-swept fishing community on the Northern coast of Denmark live 926 Thai-women. 25 years ago there were none. Heartbound is a unique study of this unprecedented network of Thai/Danish marriages. Shot over ten years, it follows four couples and their children, documenting how their lives develop alongside the economic and emotional bonds that tie them together. A fascinating exploration of globalization set on the intimate stage of marriage and family.

Heartbound is the recipient of the Richard Werbner Award for Visual Ethnography 2019. Director Sine Plambech will attend this screening for a discussion chaired by anthropologist Gabriel Dattreyan, who judged the Award this year.

In the 2019 RAI Film Fest RAI/Basil Wright
Language and subtitles
Danish Thai
Location(s) depicted

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