2005 / 61 minutes

Directed by
Michael Yorke
Country of production
United Kingdom

The film narrates the story of Uma Giri, a Swedish woman who has become a Hindu nun, called Uma Giri. She is one of the few western women to be accepted into the most radical order of wandering Hindu ascetics. The film follows her and 29-year-old yogi, Vasisht Giri, on an 18 day pilgrimage of self-discovery into the high Himalayas. They search out and stay with the saints and mystics of Hinduism in their remote huts and caves. They meet one sadhu who has not spoken for 14 years living beside the source of the River Ganges, Hinduism most sacred river. Finally Uma discovers what she has been searching for.

Language and subtitles
English and Hindi with English Subtitles
South Asia
Religion / Belief / Faith Inter-religious relations Tourism / Travel / Pilgrimage