Human Sacrifice

© Singer
60 minutes / Colour / 1999
Directed by
André Singer

Country of production United Kingdom

Series Forbidden Rites

The documentary gives insight into the ancient rituals and religious practices involved in human sacrifice. The Forbidden Rites trilogy explores cannibalism, head hunting and human sacrifice. This series includes first-hand accounts, expert interviews, and rarely seen footage. It reveals the legends behind man-eating tribes, headhunters in jungles of Ecuador and sheds light on the link between human sacrifice and salvation. The series looks at rituals considered important and acceptable to one society but regarded, particularly in the West, as unacceptable and even abhorrent. The aim is to look at the differences and get explanations from practitioners in other societies as to why such rituals worked for them.

Language and subtitles Various Languages with English Subtitles

Region Various

Country Various

Keywords Ritual History of Anthropology