Hundreds of Homes


1992 / 50 minutes

Directed by
Heimo Lappalainen
Country of production
Taiga Nomads

Taiga Nomads is a film series about the Evenki (previously the Tungus), a nomadic people scattered all over eastern Siberia, and living under harsh conditions in the taiga, an area predominated by coniferous and larch forests and swamp lands. This series gives a picture of everyday life, during the four seasons the film crew lived with the main characters, consisting of three generations of members of the Archemku family. The first part, 'Hundreds of Homes', relates the story of Sasha Archemku and his family. He is the leader of Sovchos Brigade No. 6 which actually consists of his closest family members and some temporary helpers. They move throughout the taiga with their herd of reindeer in the traditional Evenki way. Each year the family sets up "home" in more than ten different campsites.

Language and subtitles
Original Version with English Subtitles
Central Asia and Far East
Russian Federation
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